Introduction of Economic and Legal Measures for the Development of the Ecologization System at an Enterprise




development, system, ecologization, enterprise, investment, influence, activity


Objective: The study analyzes economic and legal approaches to the development of the ecologization system at an enterprise. The authors seek to substantiate the importance of integrating environmental practices into the legal framework and promoting sustainable development in business operations. A clear relationship between the use of ecologization systems and the profitability of companies in the long term has been already shown in world practice.


Method: The research is based on systematic and integrated approaches combined with a set of general and special scientific methods.


Results: The article discusses possible solutions for the ecologization of a company's activities, considering the forecasting of environmental costs in the process of strategic planning of activities, as well as the implementation of investment and innovation projects.


Conclusions: The results emphasize the crucial role of the regulatory framework in the introduction of sustainable methods of ecologization in enterprises. It is concluded that the integration of sustainability principles into the legal system enhances environmental protection and supports long-term economic viability. Enterprises that give priority to sustainable development not only comply with legal obligations but also gain a competitive advantage, meeting the expectations of society and contributing to the achievement of sustainable development goals.


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