The reality of Beef Cattle Business Marketing in the Easternmost of Indonesia




reality, marketing, livestock, beef cattle


Objective: The success of the beef cattle business, of course, does not only improve input, production, and post-harvest management but also must be balanced with marketing management.


Theoretical framework: A marketing agency is urgently needed in the beef cattle business to move the business from producers to consumers. A marketing agency can facilitate the movement of businesses up to the consumer level. These agencies have varied forms, such as individuals, associations, or individuals. Beef cattle marketing agencies are breeders, collector traders, and wholesalers.


Method:  The research was carried out in Merauke Regency. The research location was determined by purposive sampling or deliberately based on the consideration that Merauke Regency had the largest beef cattle population in Papua. The population in this research was beef cattle breeders and traders in Merauke Regency, taking three towns in each area with the biggest populace. The number of respondents who were taken was 15 breeders in each town, so the overall number of respondents was 45 breeders, whereas the census took dealers. The sampling of breeders was carried out using an accidental sampling technique and met the prerequisites, specifically, having sold hamburger cattle with more than five long times of cultivating encounters.


Results and conclusion: The results of this research indicated that there were four marketing channels for beef cattle, namely breeders-final consumers, breeders–collector traders-final consumers, breeders- wholesalers-final consumers, breeders-collector traders-wholesalers-final consumers. The largest margin marketing agency was the wholesalers on marketing channel III of IDR 1.800,772/head, with a profit of IDR 1.450,772/head. Meanwhile, the lowest margin marketing agency was collector traders in marketing channel II of IDR 529,891/head, with a profit of IDR 261,891/head. The most productive showcasing channel utilized was channel II since it had a smaller advertise productivity esteem than promoting channel IV.


Implications of the research: The beef cattle marketing system in Merauke consists of 4 marketing channels, namely breeders-final consumers, breeders–collector traders-final consumers, breeders-wholesalers-final consumers, breeders- collector traders-wholesalers-final consumers


Originality: The novelty of this research lies in the range of research locations. So far, it has only focused on a few village areas and sub-districts, while the research covers all Merauke Regency sub-districts.


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