Examining the Impact of Service Quality on Repurchase Intent: A Study of Foreign International Airlines





brand image, customer satisfaction, repurchase intention, service quality


Objective: The primary objective of the study is to ascertain whether airline passengers will opt for future trips with the same airline, based on the correlations among service quality (SQ), brand image (BI), and customer satisfaction (CS).


Theoretical framework: The aviation sector is the most volatile due to strict regulations, high operating costs, and uncertain economic conditions. Amidst these challenges, meeting quality standards becomes imperative to sustain services and retain customers, which has increased the importance of SQ in the aviation industry. Therefore, this study aims to empirically analyse the repurchase intentions of airline customers.


Method: The hypothesis was tested using structural equation modeling (SEM) on a convenience sample of 423 respondents from Foreign International Airlines (FIA). Statistical methods, such as analysis of moment structures (AMOS) and the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS), were utilized to analyze the data. Descriptive research was identified as the preferred approach.


Result: The findings revealed that the SERVQUAL instrument exhibited five dimensions consistent with the theory. Service quality (SQ) has a significant positive effect on repurchase intention (RI), also mediated by customer satisfaction (CS).


Conclusion: The study offers insights into how airlines can enhance their service quality to align with customer expectations. The results prove beneficial for airline management in devising strategies to enhance customer satisfaction, subsequently boosting repurchase intent and facilitating customer retention.


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