Taking into Account the Impact of Various Types of Losses When Using Information Modeling Technology in Construction


  • Boris Borisovich Khrustalev PGUAS
  • Grabovy Pyotr Grigoryevich
  • Grabovy Kirill Petrovich
  • Kargin Alexey Alexandrovich




information modeling technology, information model, life cycle stages, investment and construction complex, risks, life cycle, losses of the first and second kind, factors of external and internal environment


Objective: The research is devoted to the application and formation of new scientific approaches, the development of practical recommendations, the use of information modeling technology in the activities of the construction complex enterprises at the stages of the life cycle of real estate objects to increase competitiveness and reduce the cost of final products, as well as reduce the timing of projects.


Method: Such research methods as theoretical analysis and empirical study, including the main scientific approaches were used: "dialectical," "systemic," "dynamic," "variant," "balance," "modeling." An analysis of the activities of a number of enterprises in the construction industry of the Penza region was carried out. A quantitative assessment of external and internal environment factors affecting the activities of enterprises and their classification was carried out taking into account the influence of each element, and an algorithm of control models was developed using information models in risk conditions, taking into account losses of different levels.


Results: During the study, it was established that the formation of losses occurs in conditions of constantly changing factors of the external and internal environment, which require their assessment when determining the main parameters and efficiency of the activities of enterprises of various organizational and economic redistributions of the complex. When moving from stage to stage, loss accumulation and transformation occurs.


Conclusions: A flexible management model is proposed that allows you to respond to all changes in the external environment, as well as timely manage costs in the internal environment, including the timing of work, which will allow you to quickly adjust the progress of production processes in space and time when any types of risks occur in the activities of the construction complex enterprises.


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