Legal Regulation in The Field of Territorial Planning and Urban Zoning: Main Problems and Ways to Solve Them




Single document, Territorial planning, Master plan, Urban zoning, Planning structure


Objective: Purpose of the study is to investigate the main features and characteristics of a single land-use planning document of urban zoning for the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Method: The article uses methods of content analysis of novels of Russian law and comparative analysis with individual foreign legal systems. The analysis is carried out both from the point of view of the corresponding normative-legal relations of the new document in the system of already existing regulation and from the point of view of the expected practical application of new norms creating a new document in urban planning.

Results: The authors have analyzed the most significant aspects of combining urban planning documents into a single document. The authors have also analyzed the consequences of the integration of the new document into the field of urban development and have made proposals for practical improvement of the regulation development in this area. The authors have concluded that a single land-use planning document as an instrument of urban development is in demand only by an economic subject of construction activity and does not meet the interests of citizens.

Conclusions: the authors have proposed practical steps to equalize the balance of interests between all subjects of urban development activities for execution by public authorities since a person, their rights and freedoms constitute the highest value in the Russian Federation.


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