A Comparison of Indonesia and Malaysia Legal Responses in Handling Covid-19





Comparison, legal response, Indonesia, Malaysia, COVID-19


Objective: This paper aims to know about COVID-19 pandemic has become a global threat and spread of the virus reaches Indonesia and Malaysia. The response to Covid-19 has been governed by Indonesia and Malaysia laws and legislation. This paper aimed at assessing why was the legal response of Malaysia more successful in handling COVID-19 than that of Indonesia?


Method: This research used a normative legal method.


Result: The results revealed that (1) Indonesia and Malaysia issued new laws and regulations, but  Indonesia uses a health and disaster management approach, whereas Malaysia uses a health and law enforcement approach; (2) The structure for handling COVID-19 in Indonesia is performed by the COVID-19 Task Force, while Malaysia is carried out by The National Security Council; (3) Indonesia imposes large-scale social restrictions, whereas Malaysia enforces the Movement Control Order.


Conclusion: This paper argues that Malaysia’s legal response through a health and law enforcement approach performed by The National Security Council has been more successful in reducing the number of victims and the spread of COVID-19. Indonesia can emulate Malaysia by using a law enforcement approach to dealing with COVID-19 in addition to a health and disaster management approach. Malaysia has been more successful in handling COVID-19 than Indonesia.


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