Anticipative Urban Warfare Strategies on the Neo'post-Truth Era in Indonesia




anticipatory strategy, urban warfare, implementation policy, threats neo'post-truth, and national defense


Objective: The objective of this research was to explore the Universal People's Security Defense System that has not been well socialized in anticipating future threats. The aim of this research is to realize an anticipatory Urban Warfare strategy by creating a General National Defense Policy for 2025-2030 in the Neo' Post-Truth Era in Indonesia.


Method: The qualitative method used in this research is a case study approach. Through literature study data collection and analyzing several rules regarding the urban warfare strategies, the research focused on how these elements mold the future policy on the neo ‘post truth era in Indonesia.


Results: The facts about the threats of radicalism, terrorism, insurgency, separatism and social revolution change the arrival of military, non-military and hybrid threats into a new categorization of threats in the form of asymmetric, proxy, hybrid and information threats as urban warfare threats. Various countries have experienced the problem of urban warfare starting from the Arab Spring in the Middle East, African countries, South Asia and Southeast Asia, including Indonesia. The results of this research show, first, the forms of threats in the world and Indonesia in the form of asymmetric, proxy, hybrid and information threats. Second, the policy and implementation are in accordance with the General State Defense Policy in the Neo' Post-Truth Era in Indonesia in the form of a policy of balancing security and prosperity. Third, Anticipatory Strategy for Urban Warfare in the Neo ‘Post-Truth era in Indonesia in the form of intelligence cooperation, diplomacy and operations. The conclusion of this research requires the creation of the latest 2025-2030 jakum hanneg in anticipating Urban Warfare in Indonesia.


Conclusion: Urban warfare is complex and challenging. This operation is not only military in nature, but also has many aspects because it must take into account the economic, social and other characteristics of the city. Successful urban operations require specialized strategy and training, as well as adapted weapons and equipment. Implementation policy general national defense can involve development strength reliable military and non -military for capable face threat in environment urban areas, including effective strategies and tactics in face urban warfare. This is possible involve training special for personnel military in urban battle, development appropriate technology and equipment for operation urban, as well good planning and coordination between various units and agencies involved in national defense. Apart from that, implementation policy general national defense can also cover effort to build cooperation with parties related in face threat of urban warfare. This can involve cooperation with police, government region, and society civil in effort for increase security and preparedness in face threat in urban environment.


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