Unlocking the Economic Viability and Potential of North Eastern Airports: An Analytic Study with Opportunity and Challenges





north eastern airports, economic viability, enhanced air connectivity, regional development, qualitative analysis


Purpose: This research study aims to analyze the economic viability and potential of North Eastern airports in India by conducting a qualitative secondary data analysis. The study explores the opportunity and challenges in aviation industry in North East.


Theoretical Framework: The study focuses on the economic potential and challenges of North Eastern airports. It uses various theoretical frameworks, including airport economics, regional development, transportation demand, and sustainability. It also considers policy alignment, stakeholder engagement, and impact on tourism. The goal is to analyze opportunities and barriers, helping to harness the economic viability of these airports in the region.


Design/Methodology/Approach: Employing a qualitative research approach, this study conducts a thematic analysis of existing secondary data and reports. By examining government documents, airport statistics, tourism data, and academic research, the study seeks to uncover patterns, themes, and trends related to the economic impact of North Eastern airports.


Research, Practical & Social Implication: The findings have practical implications for policymakers, airport authorities, and stakeholders seeking to harness the economic potential of the region. The core implication of this study is to promotion of North Eastern Airway development and tackle the challenges.


Findings: The thematic analysis of secondary data reveals a positive correlation between increased airport infrastructure and economic indicators. Enhanced air connectivity has led to economic diversification, but there are numerous challenges too.


Originality/Value: This study explores the challenges and opportunities in North Eastern airports and its effect on economic viability. The study also acknowledges the potential challenges, including government support, environmental considerations, community involvement, and regulatory compliance. By employing an analytical approach, the study seeks to provide insights into how strategic airport development can serve as a catalyst for economic growth while addressing potential obstacles.


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Kumar, R., Gupta, S., Changkakati, B., & Srivastava, N. R. (2023). Unlocking the Economic Viability and Potential of North Eastern Airports: An Analytic Study with Opportunity and Challenges. Journal of Law and Sustainable Development, 11(8), e1447. https://doi.org/10.55908/sdgs.v11i8.1447