Legal Solution Testing Policy Regulations in Indonesia


  • Rasji Sidin



policy regulations, testing, legal solutions


Objective: The objective of this study was to determine the legal solution for testing policy regulations in Indonesia, in order to protect the legal rights of the people and create legal certainty.


Method: The study employed empirical legal research methods. Primary data regarding policy regulations and the testing of policy regulations were collected through interviews with Constitutional Law experts and Supreme Court judges. A qualitative approach was used to analyze the research data.


Results: The study found that policy regulations often conflict with laws and regulations, leading to harm to the legal rights of the community. The Supreme Court's decisions regarding the review of policy regulations have been ambiguous, creating legal uncertainty. The study proposed a two-stage approach for testing policy regulations. The first stage involves an executive review conducted by government officials, including objection and administrative appeal processes. The second stage involves a judicial review conducted by the Supreme Court, which assesses the conformity of policy regulations with applicable laws and regulations. The study concluded that the legal solution for testing policy regulations lies in these two stages of review.


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