Conflict Analysis and Papuan Policies from a Social, Economic and National Defense Perspective




conflict, economic, policies, national defense


Objective: An analysis of the ongoing conflict and policies in Papua is essential to understand how to combat the current situation effectively. To understand the broader picture, it is necessary to delve into the conflict's background, including cultural differences, armed groups, political agendas, and other factors.


Method: This study will qualitatively to achieve this aim, the conflict and policies will be analysed in two ways, namely macro and micro. The macro analysis will examine the background of the conflict and also look at the methods used by the Indonesian government since the 1969 Act of Free Choice.


Result: Examining past, present, and future policies is also crucial in trying to resolve the conflict and is closely linked to the factors under analysis. The first step is to assess the impact of these factors on the conflict and policies, followed by the results and solutions.


Conclusion: Finally, proposals for implementing these solutions must be developed and tested to demonstrate their effectiveness.


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