Certificate as a Means Proof in Eliminate Admin Jordanian





testimony, evidence, administrative law


Objective: This study aimed to demonstrate the role of testimony as a means of proof in the Jordanian administrative judiciary.


Theoretical Framework: The first topic came to clarify the concept of testimony and proof in language and terminology. As for the topic The second bears a title Certificate in eliminate Admin Jordanian its importance, types and procedures, And its conditions, and in the third topic, We are touched on talking about fields Business Certificate in eliminate Admin.


Method: Researcher on curriculum descriptive Analytical in this search and that from during clarification texts legal to the courts Admin in Jordan and a statement faces shortcomings and weakness in showing Role Certificate as a means Proof in eliminate Administrative, and the research was divided into three main sections.


Result and Conclusion: The research reached many results, perhaps the most important of which is that testimony as a means of proof in the Jordanian administrative judiciary was not a main means of proof, but the judge can dispense with it if he decides not to use it.


Research Implications: The legislator increased the legal texts in the Jordanian Administrative Law of 2014 related to the testimony of witnesses, as the texts were scattered and almost negligible.


Originality/value: Our study contributes to referring to the legal allegations in the light of information technology, which can be relied upon by the courts in the event of a conflict with the testimony of individuals.


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